As part of her monologue, she was holding what looked to be her bundle of joy wrapped up in a blanket, which actually ended up just being a moonman statue that would be later handed out. Offset didn’t seem to be too thrilled with Cardi’s joking antics. “Why Set said, ‘I was so mad when I saw you on stage with that blanket.

The general public still believed the couple was engaged—not married—at this point. Offset was suspected of cheating on Cardi at the beginning of 2018. Rumors flew that he’d not only cheated on her, but made a sex tape with someone else.


Love bombing happens when another lover suggests tall quantities of affection in the beginning and you can expends severe time in the a deliberate test to help you woo your. However, she did give some insight as to what made her stay and work it out with the father of her kids. “The main thing that I wanted him to stop and everything, he stopped and he changed, and it showed me that he wanted to change for me,” she says.

I get the weekend off so we get to experience a little of that. But that’s all I’m going to put out there, I’m going to keep the rest for myself. Nonetheless, people watching Sunday night’s show were disappointed to see it was clear there had not been a reconciliation between Quavo and Offset since Takeoff’s death. There’s clearly still serious bad blood between Migos’ rappers Quavo and Offset following the death of Takeoff … And those emotions boiled over backstage at the Grammys into a physical fight. Offset’s primary source of income tends to be from his music, brand deals, and sponsorship.

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The family of the man suspected of killing his Epsom College headteacher wife and their daughter before turning the gun on himself have spoken out for the first time. George Pattison is thought to have shot Emma Pattison, 45, and their daughter Lettie, seven, with his shotgun at their home on school grounds last weekend. Pattison’s uncle Frederick Cameron, 83, said his nephew “must have been in a state of madness”. TGM Radio is the brainchild of Dane Thompson, a London entrepreneur who set out to realize his lifelong dream in an industry that has standardized on big-name hosts and celebrities. They now seem happier than ever as their sixth wedding anniversary steadily approaches this year.

In honor of her 27th birthday, the rapper received two heart-shaped diamond rings from her husband. She shared the surprise in a video on Instagram captioned, „Thank you sooo much babe @offsetyrn I can’t believe it 😱Deum @pristine_jewelers ! I’m so happy ❤️Soo grateful.“ TMZ broke the news once again that Cardi and Offset had formally called their divorce off and gotten back together. Multiple sources close to the couple told the outlet that Cardi had returned to the Atlanta home the husband and wife once shared together. „This is the first time she’s been back to stay there with Offset and Kulture since December,“ the outlet noted. Over the years, the superstar couple has stayed in the spotlight and wowed fans through the ups and downs of their ‘ship.

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Cardi and Offset celebrated their toddler with sweet birthday shout-outs on Instagram. The parents posted photos of a happy Kulture posing in a bright-pink tutu, remarking on how fast time flies. Offset continued to celebrate Cardi, this time for Mother’s Day.

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The pair collaborated on the single „Lick,“ which they released on Jan. 20, 2017. So, they were definitely in each other’s lives before they officially started dating. Cardi got candid about speculation surrounding her relationship with ELLE. „I don’t really like talking about love much, but I feel like I have to do it, just because I want people to know a little bit,“ she said for the September issue.

The women and TMZ allege that the attacks were ordered because Cardi thought Offset had cheated with one of the women. Cardi and Offset made headlines with this proposal—but little did we all know, they were already married. Later, Cardi would reference the proposal in a statement about their wedding. While the rest of the world was obsessing over her new single “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi was off getting married in secret, in Fulton County, Georgia. Cardi nabbed the cover of Fader magazine, but refused to confirm or define her relationship with Offset.

In addition to music and tours, endorsement earnings are offset’s next biggest income earner. There are no official records yet on how much the rapper earns from his various endorsement deals. However, it’s safe to conclude that he takes home decent cash out of the numerous sponsorship ads he has undertaken through his social media accounts.

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Friends and family danced the night away amid tons of pink and white flowers, pink balloons and more. The chic soirée also featured a full band, a children’s book library for the couple’s bundle of joy and a „Bardi Baby Bodega,“ where guests could grab various refreshments and other products. The then-rumored couple performed alongside each other and teased fans with an almost-kiss at the end of the music video for Cardi’s song „Lick.“

With his rising popularity, Offset has around 9.7 million followers on Instagram. As previously mentioned, Cardi was open about how and when her relationship with Offset started when spoke to 99 JAMZ’s Uncensored show. A source gave an update to TMZ on the state of Cardi and Offset’s once fractured marriage, hinting that a reconciliation is definitely on the table. Some might say she was trying to steer the news away from their impending divorce.