His first appearance was in „Love at first bite“ from Season Nine, Episode Nine, and later reappeared in Episode Seven of Season Ten. He is very nervous around people and often ends up embarrassing himself. This lady seems to interrupt news reporters reporting about local news. When first approached by news reporters, she has no knowledge of the events. But she suddenly remembers everything that happens, often stealing the spotlight from the actual people being interviewed.

PICNIC TIME Star Wars/Death Star Circo Cheese Set

Is there any chance that the next few Star Wars movies might go Reylo shippers’ way? Many fans are adamant that shipping is a reward in itself and don’t care if salaried filmmakers and writers make their fan-fictional dreams come true. Many Reylo shippers, in particular, have no expectations that forthcoming Star Wars episodes will pair Rey and Kylo.

The Audience Choice Award is selected by the worldwide internet audience, as all contest finalists are available to view online at AtomFilms. The Pioneer Award is given to a film that either defined, changed, or influenced the genre. Other awards are given by a jury of people selected from employees of AtomFilms and Lucasfilm. Beginning in 2004, some of the major awards were sponsored by Lucasfilm licensees.

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However, believe Star Wars fans deserve to have their own community to connect and find love on. Signing up on Find Your Forces is so easy that a Stormtrooper couldn’t miss it. Once you are ready to register all you have to do is fill out some basic information and you are on your way.

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She received a MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Frightened Performance as well as a Teen Choice Award nomination for Choice Movie Actress – Thriller. Gellar made her debut in the soap opera All My Children in 1993, playing Kendall Hart, the long-lost teenage daughter of character Erica Kane . As she got the role, Gellar was complimented as having the acting BaldDating customer service talent and the „forceful personality“ needed to go up against Lucci’s experience; Kendall was supposed to be like a younger version of Erica. Her stint on the show was successful as „longtime fans of the soap saw her as the second coming of Erica“. Writers showcased her more after her initial reception and she became a household name to the soap opera medium.

With a total value of over $68 billion, “Star Wars” is the fifth-highest grossing media franchise of all time. Dubrovnik has come to be a staple city in a ton of big blockbusters from Robin Hood and James Bond to Game of Thrones, and of course, Star Wars. Home to ancient sites at every turn, yes, every turn, Croatia is the place for you. To refresh your memory, Canto Bright is also where we meet the somewhat loveable but cruelly deceptive DJ who eventually betrays Finn and Rose.

But I didn’t know then that the entire trajectory of my life was about to change. The first notes of the epic score rang out and I was utterly transported. Every time I watch Star Wars, I feel like a kid again, watching it for the first time, transfixed and hanging on every word. But there’s a special magic in seeing new Star Wars for the first time in the theater. I’ve watched and rewatched the films countless times, always looking for that quiet line I’ve missed or the background alien who suddenly seems like he needs his own spin-off and backstory.

The action was restarted standing, but by this point Abbott was exhausted and offered little resistance to Smith’s low kicks, prompting the referee to stop the match. Abbott’s next UFC appearance would be in September 1996, at UFC 11. This tournament venture was cut short, however, by Scott Ferrozzo, a contender from Don Frye’s entourage who was billed as a „pitfighter“ like Abbott himself. Ferrozzo was also fresher, as he came to replace Jerry Bohlander, who was injured in the previous round. The two fought evenly in the clinch for minutes, with Tank coming closer to a stoppage by opening a cut in Scott’s face, but Ferrozzo eventually gained the advantage with knees to the body and a heavy uppercut.


I’ve known I wanted to be a writer and storyteller since I was 8 years old, and it was around the same time that I discovered Star Wars and became immediately entranced by the magic of the saga. My dad and I had always bonded over our shared love of science fiction, but this was different. There was something about Star Wars that spoke to me in a way that no other film or TV show had. Princess Leia made me believe I could do anything I put my mind to. Han Solo assured me that you could still do good and have a biting sarcastic wit.

Check out our ranking of some Star Wars fan films and amateur shorts influenced by 45 years of lore. Smith brought his appreciation for the classic series to a whole new level in December 2019, when he revealed that he would play a small role in Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker. “You gave me a rare sensation I haven’t had since I was an action figure collecting kid in 1983 when you let me come over to your house to play Star Wars with you! ” he wrote in a Facebook statement thanking the director at the time.

Gellar has stated that part of her decision to return to a television series was because it allowed her to both work and raise her child. The series received moderately positive reviews from critics, and went on to have a large fan base, but it was canceled after the first season. For her portrayal, she received several award nominations, including one for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Television Actress – Drama. The Star Wars prequels, released in the late ’90s and early 2000s, inspired their share of stories about Obi Wan, Anakin, Padme, and others. But the years since then have seen increased visibility for fan fiction due to new platforms like Tumblr, the fervent cult of Harry Potter, and the success of 50 Shades of Grey, which itself began as a work of Twilight-inspired erotica.

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